Disability Pride Month NPCs

For Disability Pride Month, I wanted to bring to life some characters that represent just how powerful and incredible disabled characters can be within Dungeons & Dragons. There's a large crowd in the community that believes they are weak, or lesser. That same crowd believes that mobility aid using characters are unrealistic, stupid, and deserve to be targeted for having to use mobility aids. 

So both of these characters are mobility aid users, and the theme for this month is Talk Shit, Get Hit. Talk shit about the mobility aids? You're going to get hit. I'd love to see anyone try and take their mobility aids away. 

Both are 15th level characters. Saint is a Necromancer, a controller of death. Rowan is a Druid, protector of the forest and a dangerous force. Both NPC sheets are free, but we also have stickers available for each by the incredible artist Paige Kilcullen. 

Saint of Death 

Rowan Scatharay

D&D_disability_necromancer (1).png
D&D_disability_druid_lightened (1).png