DnD 5e Works

This is the collection of disability mechanics, supplements, and other related content for DnD 5e. Each work comes in a stylized screenreader accessible pdf, as well as a simplified pdf and dyslexic font pdf. It may take slightly longer for the alternate versions to be available, but I am actively updating all of the works to get these released.


ADHD Mechanics v1.0

Autism Mechanics v1.0

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Mechanicsv1.0

Chronic Pain Mechanics v1.0

Dyslexic Font PDF

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Mechanics v1.0

Sensory Processing Disorder Mechanics v1.0

Stress Point System v1.0

Supplements & Items

Channel Pain Feat

Joint Braces

Light Painkillers

Medical Bracelet

Message Pebble

Stim Items

Strong Painkillers

Disabled NPCs

Garnus Everbane (lvl 18, they/them)

Lazuli (lvl 10, they/them)

Llewellyn Feldale (lvl 9, he/him)

Mina Crimini (lvl 11, she/her)

Terrance Tangletwig (lvl 24, she/her)

Yenfir Theredin (lvl 10, he/him)