Everyone should be able to see themselves represented in ttrpg. Anyone can be a hero - disabled or not. "Disability" has such a negative connotation, especially in rpg, when there shouldn't be one. Being disabled isn't a negative thing.

In the D&D and ttrpg community, there's a lot of people who believe that disability adds nothing to a fantasy world like this. There's also a lot of people who do want more disability representation in D&D. This Patreon is set up for anyone who would like to support the project. 

"If everything will be free, why Patreon? Why do you need the money?" 

Even content released for free has a lot that goes into it, outside of our hours of work. Such as:

- Website fees and upkeep costs.

- Art commissions for pieces in the Free content.

- The D&D Disability stickers cost money. For the artwork, for printing, for shipping. 

That's just the main three. There's all kinds of smaller costs, such as paper and ink for shipping labels to mail stickers. Software for designing and formatting this content. The electricity and internet bill, which I must pay to be able to create this content. 

D&D Disability is not about making a profit. This Patreon is just here for those who want to support the project! By joining, you can get early access to finalized content before it goes public, BTS process notes, talks about disability rep in ttrpg, early drafts, and polls/input on the work - and a lot more. 



The first Tier on the Patreon is called the Tip Jar. This is perfect for anyone who would love to support the project, with a very low commitment price. It's just $1 per month, and every dollar counts! This goes towards website/sticker/art costs for the project.

Supporting at this level (and up, of course!) means that your name will be in the "Thank You" section of each and every work from DnD Disability. You have my eternal gratitude, and every little bit of support means the world to me!

Image from Patreon: Tip Jar $1 Per Month, blue button that says Join.

The second Tier on the Patreon is called Early Access. Still at a low commitment price of $3 per month, supporting at this level gets you early access to ALL of the DnD Disability content a few weeks before it goes public! As with the last tier, you will also be in the "Thank You" section of each and every work. If you're excited about the content and want it a little earlier, while still supporting the project, this is the perfect way!


Image from Patreon: Early Access $3 Per Month, blue button that says Join.


The third Tier on Patreon is called BTS Access. This is a good choice if you're interested in more of the process of how the DnD Disability works are created. You get the previous tier rewards, as well as access to early drafts, notes, and snippets from current works. You'll also get to know what I'm working on before I go public with it! 

You will also, most likely, occasionally get talks about disability rep/inclusion/accessibility in DnD and other ttrpgs. This is still a pretty low price at just $5 per month!

Image from Patreon: BTS Access, $5 Per Month, blue button that says Join.

The fourth and final Tier on Patreon is called Full Access. This is a little bit pricier at $10 per month, but you get access to more notes, snippets, and a bigger line up of current projects. You will get insight into my method going from an idea and a blank page to how I get to a finished draft. There will be polls where you can vote on what project is written next, and you can be early reviewers and playtesters for projects!

You also (one time only!) get a DnD Disability sticker. These are still in the works, but I'll be sure to share as soon as they're done and printed and get them mailed out. I am also considering putting together a Discord server for people supporting at this level, for more casual talks about disability rep in ttrpg and smaller updates on my work. 


Image from Patreon: Full Access, $10 Per Month, blue button that says Join.